The distress related to the higher cholesterol levels always revolved around older or middle aged folks. But do you think the above statement still stands appropriate in today’s unhealthy and the fast paced life? Obviously not. What’s new then? Well, as per the Lipid Association of India, it was recommended that lipid screening should start taking place as early as the age of 17. However, traditionally, it used to happen at the age of 40 years and above. The above recommendations were formulated in the presence of almost 150 cardiologists after considering all the lethal complexities of bad cholesterol levels among the younger age group people.

If we consider what our experts have to say in this regard, then it is enough to transform all this into a self-explanatory spooky fact. But still, we need to consider about all the dangers associated to this imperilment. Hundreds of mind- messing facts are pouring in to make the situation somehow look daunting, but you should better know how to come out of any such adverse situation. At the same time, you should also not press the panic button, but find ways out to handle all the menace that has now started showing at such an early age group.


As per a recent study done by the Lipid Association of India, it has been revealed that out of 50 students analyzed between the age groups of 14-18 years, 23% students became victims due to their high cholesterol levels, and eventually became prone to major complications. This trend didn’t subside here but underwent a bit steeper curve. Out of the surveyed attendance, 10% children were identified of their alarming and harmful levels of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein).

The results proved quite shocking after their triglyceride levels were found to be on the higher sides. This is in accordance to what most cardiologists of the country divulged their woes after observing heaps of children falling into the trap of Dyslipidemia (aggravated lipid levels). For example, one of the students surveyed above was found with 3 choked arteries, and lots of other complications, including poor appetite, chest pain, and reduced stamina. There existed some other causes that were also evident, including skin tags on the feet, hands, and elbows.

Now, along with the poor heart health that has become a major cause of concern among youngsters, most physicians have also started raising a red flag towards the kind of reluctance they show while taking care of their overall health. However, it’s the lifestyle related factors that are responsible to create such flakes and inviting other related complications. This also relates to the issues due to the poor and inadequate diets, lesser outdoor activities, sedentary lifestyles, etc. Such lifestyle related issues are making our children suffused with unwanted complications coming their way.