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What are Cosmeceuticals

People in a quest to look more charming and appealing, use cosmetics right from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed. As the day progresses, they tend to get exposed to products like shampoo, makeup, cleanser, perfume and moisturizers. As hundreds of chemicals constantly work under your skin at all times, the purpose of picking the perfect skin care product is both crucial and daunting. All you require is to arm yourself with the right product for your specific skin care needs.

The problem with conventional beauty products is that they contain a number of toxic chemicals. After repeated use, they get deposited over time and result in numerous health problems. The easiest way to eliminate the exposure arising from such synthetic chemicals is by not applying them to your skin directly.

Dr.G Cosmeceuticals

Dr.G Cosmeceuticals strive to produce truly natural products and are free from any kind of synthetic chemicals. They are produced using medicinal extracts of herbs along with other essential vitamins and minerals. The products are compatible with all skin types (oily, dry or sensitive) and offer a complete health and wellness to customers. The delivery system ensures the skin nutrition to penetrate through the barriers of the skin to the underlying skin cells, where most therapeutic changes occur. All cosmeceuticals are produced under strict quality control system to ensure meeting customers’ quality requirements.

Dr. G Wellness

About Dr.G Wellness

We at DrG Wellness understand the modern lifestyle and are constantly questioning the conventional wisdom of modern science. We have created most innovative products by hormoniously blending the best of nature with most advance..

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Dr. G Wellness Team

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Dr.G Wellness Private Limited - the fastest growing wellness company in India led by Dr.G Sharma,

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