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Dr.G Nutraceuticals

The term “Nutraceutical” is the combination of two words – “nutrient” (a component of food to provide nourishment) and “pharmaceutical” (a medical drug) which largely depends on their source and can be classified as per their natural sources and chemical constitutions.


Over a period of time, Nutraceuticals continued to grab the attention among the masses due to their nutritional, safety and therapeutic values. They are still known to possess a pivotal role in a plethora of biological processes, including gene expression, cell proliferation, mitochondrial integrity safeguards and antioxidant defense.

They are classified as the sort of products that take part in a number of processes, like chronic illness, improving health conditions and postponing the aging process. Nutraceuticals also possess the qualities of a healthy food, capable of preventing some life-threatening ailments like diabetes, renal and gastrointestinal disorders. After attaining a prominent space among users through our health supplements, we planned to diversify into the Nutraceutical division. By generating such products, our prime objective is to create a balance in the major therapeutic areas by bringing together both the active and natural ingredients, as wellness is slowly and steadily becoming a key mantra in the current changing lifestyles.


The purpose of launching Dr.G Nutraceuticals is not only to provide healthy choices to consumers but also to serve therapeutic and medicinal value to them. Dr.G Nutraceutics is therefore designed to provide an effective protection against the most lifestyle-related disorders (arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc.). They are also found effective against loss of memory, sleep disorders, kidney stone formations, thyroid problems, and obesity.
Below are the Product Range:

1. DTNewGen buy xeloda tablet is an ayurvedic product that support healthy blood sugar level and it is effective in combination with DBTS.
Qty – 90 tablets ; Price Rs. 1499

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