Do you know high milk diets can wreak havoc on your health? Well, as per the experimental evidence collected during a research, both men and women were found to be at the higher risks of mortality and fractures, after they were exposed to an increased oxidative stress & inflammation, caused due to the presence of high lactose content in milk. However, such findings could not be ascertained in both the sexes during high consumption of fermented milk products.

Boasting heaps of nutrients, milk is known to possess 18 out of 22 essential nutrients that primarily include calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. In general, instances of osteoporotic fractures tend to cease with a diet rich in milk products.

Lactose found in milk not only breaks down into D-glucose & D-galactose but also enables the uptake of other nutrients with the help of enzymes present in the intestinal region. All such confronted actions take place with the help of mutation in the lactase gene. In general, a diet rich in dairy products, constituting almost 3-4 glasses of milk in an entire day is recommended to be as effective as saving your health care costs (related to osteoporosis) up to 20% or more.


As per the findings related to the higher consumption of milk, the study astoundingly reveals a number of awful experiences, primarily due to the milk, being the richest dietary source of D-galactose. However, chronic exposure to D-galactose doesn’t produce any desired results but further deteriorates your health to a great extent.

Lower doses of D-galactose also manifested some other changes in animals where they resembled the natural aging process. In the same ways, it also caused some other changes, including nerve degeneration, shortening of life span (primarily due to oxidative stress damage), chronic inflammation and changes due to gene transcription.


In cases of other dietary products like cheese and those produced with the help of fermentation (yogurt, sour milk), have shown considerably lesser inflammatory effects and mortality due to the lower lactose or galactose content.

Interleukin- 6 (a class of glycoproteins to regulate immune response) has been found to be responsible for the abrupt bone loss (osteoporosis) and cardiovascular disorders. However, people consuming higher amounts of fermented milk products (fermented milk & cheese) have been found to relate to some non-serious disorders with:

  • Lesser insulin resistance, 
  • Lesser chances of myocardial infarction 
  • Probability of lesser high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.