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Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Gaurav, the patriarch of Dr.G Wellness, through his extensive research, has brought forward the complete Package of nutritional Products for the persons suffering from lifestyle diseases, like Diabetes and Arthritis.

For Diabetes:
In order to reverse diabetes, Dr. Gaurav has brought three products, viz DiabetPlus, Diabetall and Sweetjoy.

DiabetPlus: With 7 Essential Vtamins, 4 Essential Minerals, 4 Strong Antioxidants, 21 Healing Herbs, DiabetPlus has miraculous impact on the persons suffering from diabetes. It provides anti-inflammatory effect on the pancreas and reduces the glucose absorbed in the Gastrointestinal tract. When taken over a longer period of time, it produces an overall sense of well-being.

Diabetall: This is the supplement that has got the distinction of bringing down the blood sugar level drastically. Apart, its long use weans off the dependency over Arimidex.

SweetJoy: It is not just a food supplement. Rather, it is the most convenient option available to all the lovers of sweets who are diabetics. Stevia being its major constituent, it is absolutely helpful in the reduction of blood sugar level. Besides, it also facilitates insulin sensitivity.

For Arthritis
In order to reverse arthritis, Dr. Gaurav has brought three products, viz., ArthritPlus, Genarthro and Soojeez Spray.

Arthritplus: This is the supplement that has especially designed for those patients who have become tired of popping painkillers and have failed to find any relief with the treatment that they have tried.

Genarthro: A blend of Collagen, Peptides, Essential Vitamins, Minerals and herbs, Genarthro maintains good joint health. Apart, it also ensures elasticity, cohesion and strengthening of tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone and skin. Its constituents are essential vitamins, minerals, black pepper, long pepper, ginger, etc.

Soojeez Spray: All those patients who want to get fast relief from pain, take Soojeez Spray. This is the solvent that is extracted from natural sources and hence is sans any signs of side effects.

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