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Defeating Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of body joints that basically targets your musculo-skeletal system. The disorder is most commonly seen with stiffness and pain in the joints along with swelling. However, the symptoms can go mild, moderate or severe and may even get worse with time.

Arthritis can also go severe at times and may result in a number of complications, including chronic pain and inability of a person to perform routine activities. It can also result in permanent joint damage as well. These changes can be visible as it may, even affect the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes. As the major symptoms of the disorder is pain accompanied by inflammation, the priority is to make the inflammation subside so as to enable the patient to undergo his routine activities.

In general, a physician mostly prescribes non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Naproxen, etc.) to relieve pain that only makes the condition worse over time and therefore are not recommended in the long run. These drugs even pose the risk of a number of side effects, including headache, giddiness and gastrointestinal problems. They are known to restrict the production of collagen and eventually lead to the destruction of cartilage.

A patient living with arthritis is generally given the dosage of steroids (injections) to reduce the levels of inflammation. However, these drugs act significantly to reduce pain and inflammation, but are able to give only a temporary relief and hence are not recommended for long term usage.

Dr.G Sharma’s Approach to Manage Arthritis 

During his entire medical experience of over 14 years, Dr.G felt the need for people to reconsider their approach towards the conventional ways of treating the most lifestyle- related disorders (diabetes, arthritis, etc.). He is the one who is credited to make people aware how to reverse such lifestyle-related disorders with the help of exercise, right diet plans and nutritional supplements.

Dr.G soon formulated a series of nutritional food supplements to reverse arthritis. He designed ARTHRITPLUS, GENARTHRO and SOOJEEZ SPRAY (food supplements) to reverse the disorder coupled with muscle strengthening exercises and dietary recommendations.

Hundreds of patients managed to get the desired results within 2-4 weeks (depending on their body’s response) that even helped them prevent from the knee or joint replacement surgeries but also from the side effects of conventional medications. The complete approach to reverse the Osteoarthritis changes consists of:

1. CAPSULE ARTHRITPLUS– It’s a nutritional food supplement.
2GRANULES GENARTHRO– It’s available in powdered form and is known as the blend of collagen-peptides, essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. It maintains good joint health.
3. SOOJEEZ SPRAY– It’s a topical applicant used over skin for the instant pain relief.
4DIET– For weight management and nutrient intake.
5EXERCISES– For strengthening of bones and muscles.

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