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Today every one of us end up eating unhealthy due to tight schedule and short span of cooking. Consumption of junk and processed foods has given a rise in people suffering from weight gain. The outcome of which has resulted in increased incidents of constipation, fatty liver, diabetes etc. To ease these complications Dr. G has came out with the solution named as “Constiease”. It is a nutritional supplement capable to relief the constipation in a correct manner. It can be consumed by anyone suffering from constipation and needs to regularize bowel movements naturally. It is composed of herbs.


Sonamukhi, mulethi, harad, nisoth, bhangra, Gheemukhi, kala namak, saunf oil, hing, Ajwayan, saunf


  1. Relieves constipation
  2. Relieves abdominal pain due to constipation
  3. Painful defecation
  4. Low back pain due to constipation
  5. Inability to pass flatus
  6. Vomiting
  7. Loss of appetite

For whom it is?

  1. Individual with constipation
  2. Individual who has disturbed bowel movement
  3. Unclear bowel and gas formation
  4. Heartburn and chest pain


2 tablets at bed time with warm water (Before sleep).

During pregnancy – 1 tablet at bed time with warm water or SOS(before sleep)

Additional information

Ayurvedic medicine – A pack of 60 tablets



Q1. Is it safe for pregnant & lactating mothers?

Ans: Yes, it is completely safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Q2. How long one can take?

Ans: Initially, 2 tablets before sleep for 3 months and then SOS.

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