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Good digestion is a key to good health. Poor eating habits and advancement in the age, results in underline secretionof digestive enzymes. Due to poor secretion of digestive juices, the digestion process gets hampered which shatter the metabolic and absorption rate badly even though you eat healthy. Thus, one suffers from the signs and symptoms of indigestion such asburp, gas, constipation and bloating. Hence, Dr. G brings Digease to ease the digestion process and enable the maximum absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

Digease enhances digestion, reduces acidity and relieves gastric problems. It is composed of herbs.


Shankhabhasma, saidhanamak, kala namak, sonth, kali mirch, pipal, tankan bhasma, hing, ajmoda, chavya, imli, badiilaichi, anannas, meethavish, shuddhagandhak, chitrak, chirchita, kshar, lehsun, jeera safed, dalchini, talispatra, tejpatta, yavakshar, sarjikshar, kala jeera, nimbu, chakrota.


  1. Relieves acidity
  2. Relieves gastritis
  3. Enhances digestion process
  4. Manages fullness and early satiety
  5. Relieves discomfort in the upper abdomen
  6. Manages burning in the upper abdomen
  7. Controls bloating in the upper abdomen
  8. Eases nauseatic symptoms
  9. Eases belching
  10. Loss of appetite

For whom it is?

  1. Unclear stomach
  2. Bloating
  3. Gastritis
  4. Incomplete evacuation
  5. Nausea
  6. Loss of appetite


1-2 tablets thrice a day with water (before meals)

During pregnancy –1tablet thrice a day(before meals)

Additional information

It is an ayurvedic medicine. 1 Tab = 1 gram.


Q1. Is it safe for pregnant & lactating mothers?

Ans: Yes, it is completely safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Q2. How long one can take?

Ans: Initially, 2 tablets TID for 3 months. Afterwards, it depends upon the status of digestion.

For aged people above 50 years, they are recommended to take 1 tablet before every meal.

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