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It is an ayurvedic add on, designed to help people who are fed up of trying all the available resources for weight loss. It’s a miracle tablet for them, promoting weight loss& fat loss along with improved lethargy and fatigue.


Medohar guggul, Arogya Vardhinivati, Haritaki, Apamargkshar, tankan Bhasma, Yavakshar, Jirak, kali mirch, chakotra, munakka


  1. Helps in ideal weight management.
  2. Reduces body fat
  3. Boost metabolism.
  4. Toning of body.
  5. Clears skin
  6. Cleans blemishes and pimples
  7. Promotes nutrients absorption in to the digestive tract

For whom it is

  1. Over weight and obese people
  2. PCOS patient
  3. Low on metabolism
  4. Untoned body
  5. Needs to manage weight
  6. High body fat percentage


2 tablets twice a daywith water, before meals.

Additional information

It is an ayurvedic medicine where one tablet is equal to 1 gram.


Q1. Is it safe for pregnant & lactating mothers?

Ans: It is not advisable to take it during pregnancy, one may start it after the delivery. It is safe during lactation period.

Q2. How long one can take?

Ans: Till the target is achieved. Afterwards, take maintenance for 3 months every year.

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