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Quantity in Pack : 10 ml

UPRFX Roll On is a topical applicant formulated in such a way that when applied around the affected area, one can see pain reducing within 5-10min


Directions For Use: Roll on the UPRFX formula on the affected area 2-4 times. Rub gently till it is completely absorbed.

Special Precautions To Be Taken While Using The Product

  • Wash your hands properly after using the roll on.
  • Keep away from heat and children.
  • Do not apply on face.
  • The product might stain, avoid using light colored clothes.
  • The Product has a deep penetrating formula
  • Always do a skin patch test on the innerside of the forearm so as to avoid any possible allergic reaction.
  • Hard/excessive massage can lead to blister

Each 10ml of UPRFX Roll On Contains: 

Ingredient name (Latin Name) Hindi Name Part of the Plant Used Quantity in 10ml
Cocos nucifera Nariyal Endosperm (Oil extract) 40%
Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg) Jaiphal Fruit (Oil extract) 20%
Boswellia serrata Sallakhi/salaai gugul Rhizomes (Oil extract) 4%
Mentha arvensis Pudina Leaves (Oil extract) 3%
Rosemarinus officinalis Rusmari Leaves (Oil extract) 2%
Gloriosa superba Kalihari Seed (Oil extract) 4%
Camphor distillate Kapoor Leaves (Oil extract) 6%
Trachyspermum ammi Ajwain seed 5%
Beeswax Mom As such 1%
Cetyl Alcohol Madya As such 3%
Magnesium Carbonate As such 9%
Capsicum annum Shimla mirch Fruit (Oil extract) 1%
Polysorbate 80 (Excipient) Tween 80 As such 1%
Glycerine (Excipient) As such 1%

Additional information

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